Arisingwave is a Christian t-shirt brand focused on using graffiti to spread their message. The owner, who goes by the tag “Scribla”, was at the forefront of European graffiti in the 1980s. He hired me to help him turn his graffiti designs into saleable t-shirt designs. I have also designed branding for his new t-shirt business, and a custom website is also in the pipeline.

graffiti shirt t shirt design

The Design

I received separate scans of each graffiti composition which I had to prepare for using as a t shirt design. I made the backgrounds transparent so they work on any colour t-shirt.  Using vector objects allowed us to change the colours of each design, and provide a range of styles to the customer.

A few of the designs required text which we carefully chose and placed to add to the design.

awakening gracestorm T Shirt Design
Awakening Gracestorm grafitti design

I received a preliminary piece of graffiti art of the Arisingwave logo to use to create this vector design.  We used this new logo on some of the shirts, as well as the shirt shop header. The two colours were chosen to represent the sea and waves. While the simple sans-serif fonts gives the log a fresh feel.  As a vector logo, it can be used in a variety of ways in the future too, including business cards, banners, and the new website.

We decided the size and placement of each shirt to create the best look possible. We also chose the perfect colours for each design from the Teespring catalogue. Finally, once we had all the designs properly prepared, I uploaded them all to Teespring to sell. This selling option will be available while the main Arisingwave website is still in the works. 

Final Thoughts

Working with “Scribla” and helping him take his new business to the next level gives me great satisfaction. Between us we have taken a set of images and turned them into physical and saleable items. I have also provided all the branding and the platform Arisingwave can use to move forward.