Logo Design

A logo is probably the first and most important representation of your business that a customer will see. Make sure your logo is one that stands out and immediately tells potential clients what your company is all about. I can create any style of logo, so look below to see my previous work, and what I can create for you.


Using a vintage style logo portrays your business as established and trustworthy. People recognise that your business respects tradition and good service.

This logo was inspired by the vintage logos being used everywhere at the moment. It seems companies are looking to play on  a customer’s sense of nostalgia. This Ice Cream Shop logo uses the vintage style, but also looks modern enough to adorn any willing ice cream seller.

Vintage shops and boutiques are becoming all the rage. This is probably because people want to buy the toys, games, and furniture they had as a child. This logo was made for such a shop in Exeter. It screams vintage, and would draw the eye of passers by.

Many people’s favourite memories growing up include food. Whether a Sunday roast or visiting the local ice cream shop, little things can really leave a lasting impact. This logo emulates 50s and 60s design, and harkens back to those eras.


A cartoon style logo immediately tells your audience your business is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. A logo like this would also attract children, not just adults.

How is this for a silly brief? “I would like a dodo smoking a pipe.” Thankfully it works well in the cartoon style.

UniToot are a website aimed at university students. The style works perfectly to reflect the fun the students would have on the site.

This logo for Frog Labs shows that the cartoon style can also work well to provide a more serious design, but also one that stands out and is memorable.

A character on a logo creates familiarity and can be used on other merchandise to create a whole brand image.


Typography logos are simple, clean, and do exactly what it says on the tin. A good typography logo should be easy to read, and use the company name as the main feature.

Luke Gilmøre is an up and coming DJ and music producer from the UK. He was in need for a fresh look for his music. He wanted the ø in his name as one of the main features. This logo is cool, clean, and screams DJ. 

This logo has three different fonts that all work together to create a clear and concise image. The background strokes add the colour needed to catch the eye.

Getting a church noticed in a new generation can be difficult. The vibrant colours and modern font would certainly make someone look twice.


Modern logos show customers your company is up to date and following contemporary trends. Clean, simple logos are easy to understand and recognise.

Monero is a sub type cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I created this logo for a developer who codes ways to buy and sell the currency. The logo had to be trustworthy and business like as many people would be using it to transfer large sums of money.

Just a simple abstract shape can be more memorable than other logos. A shadow behind the logo makes it pop from the page.

This logo would look good on business cards, page headers, or company websites. It tells the viewer exactly what they need to know in a simple and stylish way.

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