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Nitryl vintage

services: web design, ecommerce

software: wordpress, woocommerce

Industry: fashion

Nitryl shop is one of best places to buy vintage and designer fashion online. Their Depop shop is within the top sellers in the UK. The owner wanted me to create a new ecommerce fashion website to complement her main shop, and maybe even surpass it. She needed a site that could reliably take orders from all over the world and a design that would attract the eyes of her customers.

the design

The site was built from scratch by myself using both WordPress and Woocommerce. These are both technologies that work perfectly for ecommerce sites, especially a fashion website. The initial brief was to create a design that looked classy and upmarket much like the clothing sold on the new site. The first thing to do was create an eye-catching homepage that would interest potential customers. The way we did this was through large fashion photographs as a way to show case the products in the best way possible.

Nitryl Homepage

We decided on using a muted colour scheme of just black and white. This made it look chic, and also allowed the products and images to shine through. The navigation is as simple as possible with icons in the top right leading to the site’s pages, with the main menu leading to the various products via the brand or item type. The product catalogue and product pages have also been kept as simple as possible. By using white in the design the site now has a clean and polished appeal which makes it very easy to read and understand the content.

Vivienne Westwood Shop Category

the application

Obviously a site that sells products has to do more than just look good. By using the Woocommerce platform, I was able to make a fully functioning web shop for the owner to sell her fashion items. The product catalogue and categories show the items in all their glory; making it easy to browse and add items to the basket. When a site is selling high ticket items like Fendi, Vivienne Westwood, and Dior, the payment methods need to be safe and secure. The site uses a Paypal checkout that users know they can trust. 

While the site is easy to use and navigate as a customer, it’s also easy to use as the shopkeeper. She uploaded all the items to her shop herself through the WordPress backend. Once taught, adding items is as easy as adding something to ebay or Depop. The shop also tracks inventory, handles vouchers, creates product galleries, and calculates shipping costs; all things a good e-commerce shop should do.

Fashion Web Design Shop Item
Example of a product page


“Jude has done a great job creating a perfect website that represents my brand. Everything is user-friendly and the site has already had many purchases. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to create a clean, good looking, and scalable ecommerce website. “

Owner of Nitryl Shop

Final Thoughts

When creating a website its always good to try and fill it with useful information, images, blog posts, and all sorts of others things. But while creating this fashion website I tried to go with a less is more approach. I believe this attitude gave the site a very boutique feel; a sort of exclusivity only high end items can give you. I enjoyed creating a site for the fashion world as I love designing with minimalism and large images that lend themselves to this style. As I write this, I’m pleased to hear that the site has already had numerous orders from all over the world only weeks after being launched.