Project Wyvern

Cryptocurrency has seen a massive peak in popularity in recent months. This has led to many companies seeking crypto designers who understand the market. Project Wyvern is an online exchange for transferring their cryptocurrency, Wyvern, and other online Ethereum based assets mostly related to gaming. We used simple web design and pixel art graphics to communicate the aims and features of the project.

Project Wyvern Website Mock Up crypto designers

The Design

As the exchange involves mainly gaming related items, the owner wanted me to create the graphics in a pixel art style. This style screams gaming and should catch the eye of the demographic the company are looking for. I created four different graphics for Project Wyvern, each used for explaining a certain feature of the project. I created all of them in isometric view, with the aim of providing all the information a customer would need at a glance of the graphics and headline. Because the features and ideas represented by the pixel art are abstract, I had to come up with ways to convey to the viewer what was meant.

voting pixel art crypto
Voting booths
executives pixel art project wyvern crypto designers
Pixel art representing money making executives
coding pixel art
Coder represented using pixel art
peer to peer cryptocurrency pixel art
Pixel art representing peer to peer communications

The site design incorporated the pixel art graphics along with the information about the project. As a result of the need for simplicity, I used a clean layout to keep the page easy to navigate and read. The page background was black to bring out the colours of the logo and graphics. Hence, the text and header logo, and icons are white to again stand out.

Website Screenshot Project Wyvern crypto designers
Main body of the Project Wyvern website

Final Thoughts

In the web design world, there are very few occasions you can use pixel art. Therefore, I was pleased when the client specifically asked for pixel art in their new website.  Knowing about cryptocurrency also helped with the design process. The finished product is simple, straightforward, but delivers the message well to potential clients of the service through the use of web and graphic design.