Jude Coram Design

Upright Postures

Upright Postures is a chiropractic clinic based in North Devon. The owner contacted me to create a simple one page site to advertise his services to those who need them. The site needed to look clean, professional, and provide an easy way for people to contact the business. The site can be found at uprightpostures.com.

the design

As a professional medical practitioner the website had to reflect the business through its design. It had to be clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Potential clients need to know the key details as quickly as possible without all the fuss and hassle. This is why we decided to create a one-page site. This meant everything was there at once, no need to click away. The main navigation at the top of the page scrolled the site to the relevant information.  

The simple icons and logos used throughout the site.

The site was built using the two main colours of the logo as well as white. Throughout the design of the site I used logos and icons to clearly show the various services that Upright Postures provide. All the links on the site point to email contacts so that it is incredibly easy for people to contact the business. We didn’t want to put any roadblocks in the way of those who might want to book an appointment. Other items, like maps and a contact form, were added to the site to make it even easier for potential clients to get all the needed information. 

Maps showing the three locations of the businesses' premises.

Final Thoughts

It was a challenge creating a simple site that provided all the necessary information, while also making it look good. Being in the medical industry, the site needed to look clean and provide all the details a potential customer would need in a simple and easy to read way. I believe the site achieves these aims through simple yet effective graphic design and user interface design. I wish all the best to Upright Postures and I hope that the site will provide more clients and appointments for them.