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Wallace and Gromit

services: t-shirt design, illustration

software: adobe illustrator, photoshop

Industry: film, fashion

I have been a fan of Wallace and Gromit for as long as I remember. I’d almost say that I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today if it was not for my love of their films. The characters are so charming and clever while the craftsmanship involved in the stop motion is on a different level. They are not just heroes to me, but also around the world. The dynamic duo have wowed audiences all over the globe. This is why I was over the moon to have the opportunity to work alongside Aardman Animations to create a range of licensed t-shirts for Apparel of Laughs.

the designs

After an initial conversation with Aardman and their representatives, I was kindly invited up to their offices in Bristol to talk through my ideas. The main idea was to initially create a range of 12 different designs spanning the different short movies of Wallace and Gromit. I wanted these shirts to celebrate all aspects of the films including in-jokes and easter eggs that only true fans would recognise. Once these were complete, the designs were sent back to Aardman for them to approve. They were happy with the designs and I launched them in two waves on Apparel of Laughs. I was given access to their style guide and film assets to come up with the designs. All of the shirts were designed by myself using the resources given to me. After a year, I then created three more designs to compliment the established 12. I looked to incorporate more of the characters and make them more of a feature.

the application

Each design has been made available for purchase on my site, Apparel of Laughs. They have had a great response from fans in the UK and all over the world. They have made a very nice addition to my t-shirt site with most of the individual designs being amongst my top sellers. They are incredibly colourful and vibrant and are popular amongst all ages.

I was also very pleased to be able to provide some shirts to the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal to sell in their Gromit Unleashed shop in Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. The charity holds a special place in my heart, so being able to work alongside them to help raise important funds was fantastic.

Wallace and Gromit T-Shirts Cribbs Causeway Grand Appeal
Our shirts for sale at Gromit Unleashed in Cribbs Causeway

final thoughts

To work with Aardman on a range of t-shirts is a dream come true. I’ve loved Wallace and Gromit all my life and to be given access to these great characters to create new designs with their blessing was amazing. They have proved a hit with W+G fans and pushed Apparel of Laughs further too. Aardman and their representatives were a pleasure to work with and I’m very grateful that they gave me the opportunity to pay homage to my favourite animated characters. Cracking!